MultiConnect 1.0.0

Software to allow connection from multiple internet locations to increase bandwidth

The MultiConnect software allows you to connect to multiple internet connections. This program lets you increase your bandwidth so that you can easily connect to an internet site without any problems.

The MultiConnect program can work with a lot of broadband and dial-up connections like ADSL, Cable, Wireless, Satellite and SDSL. The program even allows you to use gateways.

This program immediately improves your surfing speed along multiple websites. The increased bandwidth you get lets you download multiple files faster using different locations.

Torrents with many seeds get easily downloaded without any problems. The MultiConnect has a simple to understand user interface that makes it easy even for first time users to easily know what each option can do.

Advanced users of the MultiConnect software will be able to add IP addresses that they want to combine manually. You can even prioritize a specific internet connection that you frequently use, and line up another as your back up in case your main provider goes down.

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MultiConnect 1.0.0

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